Di Fara Pizza – in Brooklyn exists a slice of perfection

Me and my dad walked from Di Fara Pizza on the corner in Brooklyn to our car located nearby parked with the flashers on without paying the parking meter. Yeah. I’m living on the edge. I handed my mother the pizza we ordered for take out which was piping hot in the box and we start our journey back to Manhattan. A complex fragrance dominates every molecule of air in my car which is a pizza lovers dream or maybe it’s just me being over exuberant about my next meal.

Memories of blended olive oil, fresh floral fragrant basil, cheeses, and tomato sauce mixed together come to mind. My olfactory senses produce images in my mind of those ingredients sitting on top of a perfectly burnt crust and I can’t think of anything but Di Fara pizza driving through Brooklyn on the way back to Manhattan. I’m a prisoner to the aroma filling the air tonight that’s inescapable which makes me salivate like a dog. Snoop Dogg has “his mind on his money and money on his mind” and all I have is “pizza on my mind and my mind on my pizza.”

Di Fara Pizza slices of “thin”

It’s gonna be about 48 minutes til’ I get back to my brother and his wife’s apartment in Manhattan to have a slice of this heavenly pie. The wait is killing me and I’m jealous my mom gets to hold the pizza in her lap and I want to be in the backseat with my beloved pizza. Usually I don’t like fast food stinking up my car but this is not fast food and pizza is the exception to the rule.

Besides, mom has no idea what she was holding as the pizza is now on her purse because it’s too hot for her to be on her lap. How dare she! By now the heavenly aromas have travelled through the cars air conditioning unit making me reminisce about being at Di Fara pizza in person a few years ago…..Oh myyyyy my….A memory so fresh as that pie that came out of the oven a few minutes ago.

A fresh Sicilan pie comes out of the oven

I vividly remember the first time I went to Di Fara Pizza was with my brother, his friends Andrew, Vikas and we drove from Manhattan to Brooklyn in my Toyota. Luckily we snagged a parking spot almost immediately right across the block and entered the shop which was brimming with people and we patiently waited many minutes to place our orders. We ordered a plain Sicilian pie to split between us four and a slice of thin each as well later. I can remember watching Mr. Dom DeMarco making all of the pizzas himself and seeing one masterpiece after another come out of the oven while he performed almost every step of the process. Some patrons have been waiting 50 minutes for a single slice and not a peep of a complaint comes from anyone as the master continues his highly honed craft in front of all of us.

You could hear quiet excitement as mesmerized the people watched Dom go back and forth from the counter to the oven back to the counter and he conversed with folks on occasion as well. Folks¬†eagerly anticipated when their slice of heaven would come out of the Royal oven. They never disturbed his Highnesses pizza making groove as he’s slightly covered in flour from head to and works effortlessly to create perfection for his subjects. Mr. DeMarco and his staff make anyone feel very welcomed and everyone shows mutual respect to the undisputed pizza champion of the world. Do I seem bias? Hardly. The truth triumphs any embellishments.

the artist Dom DeMarco creating on his palette

Our crew of four scoped out some seats in the dining area about 45 minutes ago. Which we were fortunate to score considering the crowd that’s present that Saturday and we continued our wait. Our name is called out, our pizza is ready, we start scrambling for napkins, drinks, hot peppers, and plates. All of us are taking pictures and can’t believe what is sitting in front of us on the table. A work of art that just came out of the oven which looks fantabulous! The Picasso of pies. An Escher of pizzas. Whatever you want to call it we can’t stop staring at this delectable steaming delight. We distributed two slices to each person and it seemed we simultaneously took a bite of our pizza as there was pure pure silence from the four of us. The 1 hr and 40 minutes we waited seemed to be worth every second and all you can hear are jumbled mmmm’s over and over in different man grunts from all of us as we are in total pizza bliss.¬†Eyes rolling and all.

Di Fara Sicilian Pizza right out of the oven
zesty and tasty peppers in olive oil offered by Di Faras

I am so taken aback by the beautifully balanced flavors that I’m speechless. The flavor of all the ingredients that are piping hot immediately burn the entire roof of my mouth. Which I won’t notice for a few hours because my taste buds are doing jumping jacks not knowing what hit them all at once. Is it the oil bringing out the flavor in the fresh basil? Maybe it’s the crust that is the best crust I’ve ever tasted that crispily crumbles in my mouth. No. Maybe it’s the cheeses perfectly blended taste with the sauce, oil, and spices together. Maybe it’s the zesty fresh peppers in olive oil that I added to my slice. Whatever you call it my mouth is enjoying every single morsel patiently and I think about nothing else. Only the pizza at hand.

a slice cools off before it gets devoured

I have been fortunate to enjoy all kinds of different pizza in my lifetime so far and I can’t even begin to put this into a category with another pizza that I’ve ever tasted. It’s in a class by itself…..no….it’s in a PHD program by itself that Professor DeMarco instructs in plain view. This is the most flavorful and well balanced pizza I’ve ever tasted. Burnt to perfection. Had I known it tasted this good I would have waited three hours for two slices! A lifetime experience that somebody could sell tickets for months in advance to be “in the place to be” which everybody should try to experience once in a lifetime.

Sorry, but when it comes to pizza, this blows away any slice I’ve ever eaten hands down. Now I can understand why the local patrons patiently wait whatever time it may be for a slice or whole pie without a peep about the time. Where can they go to get this. Nowhere but here as there is no place on earth that can replicate Doms art.

Established in 1965 Di Fara Pizza is renown across the globe

I called my brother from traffic to let him know we’ll be home in a few minutes and he asked “Did you get the pizza?” I replied, “Yeah. With peppers to.” He responds with an exited, “Alllllrighhht!!!!” We arrived back home at my brothers apartment shortly with the pie in hand we picked up. My brother opens the door with huge eyes and can’t contain himself. Neither can I but I’ve had some practice dreaming about Di Fara pizza in the car on the way home with my parents. I’m ready to sit down and share this pizza with my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law. The newborn whose name is Shefali is fast asleep in the other room and she will be enjoying Di Fara pizza in due time.

a corner of pizza elegance

We scramble to set the table as we did when we were in Di Fara Pizza sometime ago sharing similar memories with my brothers friends. But this is a memory my mom and dad will get to experience for the first and I’m glad to have been there to be part of it. It’s was so awesome to see their faces light up like ours did for the first time they had a bite of Doms Pizza. After all, Dom and his family probably get to see so many smiles on a daily basis on people faces. Only to bring a smile to their own.

Dom’s smiling daughter Maggie

Thanks for bringing our family together with your remarkable pizza and I can’t wait to come back and experience this again. Over and over as time permits forever. From our family and friends to yours thanks again for everything and Salute! See ya’ll again soon!!!

Craving your pizza right now.

Salivatingly Yours,

Sanjay C. Gandhi

Bridgeville, PA


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