Chocolate Covered Oreos with Biscoff spread inside – Can I get a hell yeah?

Here is what I used to make the above delights. By the way. These are fat free! NOT! Anyways I started with some chocolate from Sarris Candy which we used to sell in high school, Oreos, and Biscoff Spread as pictured below.



Next we have to uncap all the Oreos and prepare them for the Biscoff spread.



Add some Biscoff Spread to each cookie and prepare the chocolate as well in the meantime. If you add too much filing it may seep out as shown below.

imageOur chocolate should be melted by now and we are ready to dip them for coating.

imageOnce I dip them I place them on aluminum foil and place them in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Take them all off of the foil and place them in a container back in the refrigerator for storage. Whenever you want one these delights. Grab one out of the fridge and Enjoy!


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