Sarris Candies Caramels – if you eat one you’ll eat em’ all


I remember the first time I ever heard of Sarris Candies. It was 1983 a few months before Easter when we were given order sheets in History class to sell chocolate in our neighborhood. Our History teacher Mr. Metro explained that we could earn money on a portion of the sales. I think that’s all it took to motivate me and the chocolate was really good which I learned later. My chocolate tasting experiences being a 12 year old kid were limited to mass market chocolates but those are a good benchmark for comparison and tasty as well. Local chocolate was new to me.


The electric blue box embossed with gold looks rather gaudy at first. But what lies underneath the packaging in terms of taste dwarfs the aesthetics. Once the box is opened our chocolates are covered with a paper wax cover with the Sarris logo as shown to the left to protect the chocolates. The aroma that hits ones nose once the paper is removed is quite the pre-treat to a treat. Sarris didn’t put the cover on top to protect the chocolates from humans. That I can assure you. 21 chocolates individually have a resting place in a brown wrapper within this box. I’m not sure when the “Caramels” came out from Sarris Candies but I believe it’s been within the past few years. Sarris is renowned for their chocolate in Western Pennsylvania and a sizable radius within the area. Sarris, a fairly small local chocolatier has a large worldwide taste which is hard to resist.


This heavenly confectionary will start to melt in your fingers within 2-3 seconds after you picked one up. Which is the the mark of good chocolate. This particular caramel doesn’t “run” out of its cocoon rather it patiently waits for your second bite or third bite and stands still. What a good chocolate. Now rollover. Good Chocolate!


By the way this is the low fat version as well so you can inhale the whole box in one sitting. My name is Pinnochio by the way just to be clear or am I writing this on April 1st? image

The picture above is what the chocolate will look like once you have demolished half of it. Once the chocolate hits your taste buds there is no going back and the taste is all that and then some. The caramel is unlike any other I have tasted that harmoniously blends together with the chocolate. Restrain yourself and have control over the urge to pick up another heavenly delight within 15 seconds. I know. It’s gonna be tough.

One of the finest chocolates I have ever tasted and worth more than every penny of the $24.99 price. If you plan on working out as part of your normal daily physical regimen. Stay away from this Sarris confectionary. They will hold your taste buds hostage and demand salivary ransom from your mouth.





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