Mission Whole Wheat Tortilla Carb Balance – The only tortillas you’ll ever need to buy

Am I serious? Very.

First time I ever had these were at an ex-girlfriends house. The relationship with her lasted about three months but my relationship with the tortilla is still going strong. Matter of fact I had dinner with tortilla last night or maybe I had the tortilla for dinner. Needless to say we are still together in a very loving relationship. What’s fantastic about these tortillas is the fiber content which is 104% of the daily requirement. That’s 26 grams of dietary fiber per a serving size of one tortilla! It doesn’t end there as there are 9 grams of protein per serving as well. The sodium content is slightly high but nothing outrageous at 21% of the daily requirement.


The cost is about 2-3 three times that of the standard tortillas cost. However, these tortilla shells are loaded with nutritional goodness. I think I’ve usually paid $5.49 for a package containing 8 shells which is about .69 cents per she’ll. In the grand scheme things the cost isn’t really that expensive when the health benefits are taken into account. Below are some some of the competing tortillas nutritional charts. They can’t compare their goods to these.



Many of the “other” tortillas will claim to be “whole wheat” and they very well maybe. But their fiber content will be a paltry 12%. Just because something says it’s a “good source of fiber” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an adequate source. Do you due diligence folks. The flavor is really good for this particular type of tortilla. I prefer slightly burning the shell on an open flame for added flavor. Falafel recipes call for Syrian bread and I substitute this she’ll instead. These are perfect burritos especially or any wrap for that matter. I am an avid fan of this tortilla just as I am of Dr. Dre. Both of are classics.


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