Peppers :

Two Carolina Reapers-
Two Yellow Ghost-
One Scorpion-”


Couple tablespoons of olive oil-

Put on the stove on the second lowest heat setting and sautée for 15 minutes as this will release the oils-

Cut up two bulbs of garlic and add it to the peppers and sautée on a bit above low for 15 minutes and tilt the pan so it’s all sautéed together and mix/smash every five minutes with a fork-


Chop/dice up three baseball sized onions which will be added and sautée all of the above for 10 minutes constantly for 10 minutes-


Take it off the stove and add two tablespoons of Italian seasoning and mix it together-

Add two decent sized tablespoons of sea salt and mix it all together-


Now we add that big ass can of peeled tomatoes and mix it all together. Cento tomatoes are one of the most flavorful tomatoes I’ve had from a can which adds to the delightfulness of the flavor-

Put the pot back on the gas at medium and let it stew for 25 minutes-

Mash the mixture with a masher and let it stew for another 25 minutes with gas at low/medium-


Remash a bit and we are finished-

Take it off and let it cool covered for however long-


Balance : Outstanding as the heat and finish of the heat is splendid and uniform. A good olive oil will help as well with delivering the heatwaves in a well rounded manner. Cheese will make the heat less intense but very bold cheesiness. For the enthusiast of heat she/he may enjoy the flavor more than the heat but there is plenty of heat-

Flavor : Extremely beautiful lava with all the ingredients superbly complimenting each other. Sometimes you’ll get an individual taste of the tomato, pepper, onion, herbs, garlic. All delivered courtesy with a good combination of olive oil and salt for your taste buds. Who will be so happy. Finally, cheese used with this sauce = bliss. Buffalo Mozzarella with this sauce is : BLISSTACULAR and Snoop may call it “Da’ Bomb”


This sauce may be used for sandwiches, spaghetti, a pizza sauce, and eaten by itself. I don’t eat meat as I’m a vegetarian but this sauce would seamlessly meld with sausage.


Mangia Mangia!




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