Trader Joe’s Eggplant Cutlett – Sandwhich with Buffalo Mozzerella Goodness

One sandwhich that isn’t on every menu that should be is an Eggplant Sandwhich which cheese. But then again I’m a vegetarian and am slightly bias for my own selfish reasons. You can make this Sandwhich at home and it’s very simple to prepare. For starters I recommend buying Trader Joe’s Breaded Eggplant Cutlets which are frozen for $2.49. Which is insanely cheap. Some hoagie buns or the bread of your choice and a tomatoes based sauce. Check out the blazingly yummy hot pepper sauce I made with Ghost Peppers, The Carolina Reaper, and The Scorpion Pepper. Chose any sauce of your liking though and add some Buffalo Mozzerella.


First step is to heat up the oven to 425F and cook the cutlets for about 15 minutes total on a pan. Next, I place the eggplant cutlets on the bottom bun and add the cheese on top. I used BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella which is soooooooo good. At least I think so and I’m sure many others will agree as well. I add sauce to the top part of the bun as shown above and to the cutlets side as shown below.


The oven should still be on at the same temperature as above  at 425F. Now that everything is slathered with sauce we can place the plate back in the oven for 13-16 minutes. Also you can take a look and see if the bottom parts of the bread have become golden brown and that’s when the Sandwhich would be finished being heated. The following pictures illustrate what melty goodness awaits you to be ravaged.


Now we will take the top half and combine it with the bottom half to complete our Eggplant Cutlett Sandwhich. Oh the anticipation killed me.


The combination of this crispy bread, wonderful melted cheese on top of the cutlets and sauce provide an inescapable delight for your taste buds. Which are now hostages of this Sandwhich. Forever. I guarantee whoever starts eating this will not stop after the first bite and will say nothing until it’s all gone. Possibly this should be made for a chatty father or mother-in-law to stop the noise pollution within your home.


Cut the Sandwhich in half and you are ready to Mangia Mangia!!!!!





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