Lava Arabbiata – with Reaper, Ghost, Scorpion and Chocolate Jolakia Peppers

Peppers :

One Reaper One Scorpion  One Ghost Two Chocolate Jolakia

Couple tablespoons of olive oil and two peeled bulbs of garlic-

Add the peppers and sautée on a bit above low for 15 minutes and tilt the pan so it’s all sautéed together and mix/smash every five minutes with a fork-

Keep the temperature low as it will release the flavors and do not burn the garlic please-

Chop/dice up three baseball sized red onions which will be added and sautée all of the above for 10 minutes constantly for 10 minutes-

Take it off the stove and add two tablespoons of Italian seasoning and mix it together-

Add two decent sized tablespoons of sea salt and mix it all together-

add one spoon of fresh ground black pepper as shown above to the mix as well-

for the tomatoes I used a can of peeled tomatoes from are extremely flavorful from Salerno Italy-

Put the pot back on the gas at medium and let it stew for 25 minutes-


Mash the mixture with a masher and let it stew for another 25 minutes with gas at low/medium-

Remash a bit and we are finished-

Take it off and let it cool covered for however long-


Balance : the heat is slightly more well rounded flavor than the previous sauce I made with different peppers. Salerno tomatoes are different than the San Marzano tomatoes and seem less acidic to me. Using Sea salt makes a big difference in terms of flavor. Fresh ground pepper and a good olive oil will only enhance the balance. All these ingredients will seamlessly compliment each other to sheer sauce perfection.

Flavor : red onion makes a big difference in taste and packs a punch that is splendidly blended with all the other ingredients. The spice evenly hits your taste buds with and will linger on your lips for sometime as well. Not for the faint of heart and not just pure heat as one may imagine as this sauce will be marvelous as a Pizza Sauce or Pasra Sauce. A sandwhich with cheese would be a perfect match with this sauce and more specifically Buffalo Mozzarella. This sauce would also be a remarkable Shrimp Cocktail Sauce folks and I don’t even eat shrimp!



Mangia Mangia!





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